Student Research

Previous Student Research

Jess Tometich- Researched how priming participants, by making them aware of the current gun violence in the United States, affects the strength of the Weapon Focus Effect when viewing a crime.



Ryan Lehr- Investigated the effect gender and IQ had on the support of telling lies.


Landon Braun- Examined the effects of mental toughness in high and low stress situations.




Annie Collins ’15 – Researched how different forms of communication affect physiological responses to stress


Tayler Peterson ’16 – Examined effects of microaggressions on women from people of different statusTaylor Peterson





Marissa Belau ’16 – Investigated college students’ evaluations of hypothetical potential employers using role congruity theory.

Matt Stewart '16


Matt Stewart ’16 – Discovered the connection between willingness to report concussions and coach approachability

sarah beadle


Sarah Beadle ’16 – Explored the connection between mental imagery and language


Justin Hayes 16′-Through behavioral methods, researchedhow humans process language while reading


Beth Baltes

Beth Baltes ’15 – Attitudes toward mental illness and whether gender plays a role in attitude

caitlin dicus headshot


Caitlin Dicus ’15 – Processed and storage of different types of text (story-like and textbook)

Peyton Rowe


Peyton Rowe ’15 – Female gender role stress and Emotional Stroop Task performance

Audrey Winterhof


Audrey Winterhof ’14 – Effects of urban or nature sounds on physiological stress levels