Graduation Applications

Please turn your completed forms and attachments into the Registrar’s office by the applicable date below.   Students not turning in applications by the due date will have a registration hold placed on their account.  If you need to change your anticipated graduation date please fill out the Change in Anticipated Completion Date Form form and return it to the registrar’s office.

  • Applications for those planning to graduate in April, May or August 2018 are  due by March 31, 2017. 

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music Graduation Application

Master of Arts Graduation Application

Certificate Completion Application

Licensure & Endorsement Completion Application

Graduation Information
Graduation Analysis General Information

Completion Dates for Graduation

Simpson College has seven completion dates in the academic year.  A completion date is the date used to record a student’s completion of all degree requirements.

Simpson College has two commencement ceremonies-one after the fall term and one after the spring term.  Qualified students may select which commencement ceremony to participate in, but cannot participate in both.

Change in Anticipated Completion Date Form
Use this form to change your anticipated completion/graduation date.

Completion Dates

Completion Term Date Used Actual Calendar Dates for 2016-2017
Term 1 Completions Last possible date of any Term 1 class. October 24, 2016
Term 2 & Fall Completions Last date of fall term. December 22, 2016
Term 3 Completions Last possible date of any term 3 class. March 2, 2017
Term 4 and Spring Completion  Last possible date of any spring or Term 4 class, whichever is later May 4, 2017
May Term Completion Last date of May term. May 19, 2017
Summer 1 Completions Last possible date of any summer session 1 class. July 25, 2017
Summer 2 & Summer Cross Completions Last possible date of the summer cross session or summer session 2, whichever ends last. August 17, 2017