Religion Happenings On and Off Campus

The Simpson College religion department is a very active department, both on and off campus. Students in the department are encouraged to spend time together and get many chances to do so, from campus forum events, seminary visits, and even May Term courses.

On November 30, our four seniors presented the results of the Senior Capstone projects from 6:00 – 7:30 in the Blank Performing Arts Center. On March 31, two of those seniors, Virginia Atwell and Jesse St. Clair, will present papers in an undergraduate session at the Upper Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature in St. Paul, Minnesota. A group of students and faculty will be present for this two-day meeting during our annual department field trip.

Click here to visit the Simpson College religion department’s Facebook page for more information about current events, opportunities, and additional pictures from events in the department.


Simpson’s Exploring Ministry program offers students the opportunity to visit graduate schools related to theological education. Additionally, each year students attend the NEXT or EXPLORATION conferences sponsored by the United Methodist Church to interact with seminary and college students from around the country as part of  an exploration of various forms of ministry.


American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature Field Trip

Each year, students and faculty travel to St. Paul, Minnesota, to attend the AAR-SBL Upper Midwest Regional meeting. For the past six years, two students have presented papers each year in the undergraduate session. The yearly field trip allows us to interact with each other and discuss presentations related to the study of religion. In 2017, the meeting will be held March 31-April 1.



Midwest Undergraduate Conference in the Humanities

A number of religion majors and minors have presented papers at the annual MUCH meeting. In fall 2016, a nearby college hosted the conference and four seniors delivered papers. Below is a rare photo of Simpson students (with one librarian and one professor) at a Central College podium! miuch-2016








Religion Department Dinner and Post-Lecture Reception for the Matthew Simpson Lecture







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Graduate School and Seminary Visits










Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) Opportunities



May Term

May Term

May Term

May Term

May Term

May Term


Sikh visit to World Religions class