Special Events

The Listening Hour

The Listening Hour is on one Friday a month. Listen to a guest performer while hanging out with friends and drinking coffee!

The dates for the 2015-2016 year are:
September 18th — Christopher Ford
October 30th — Abbie & the Sawyers
November 14th — Luke Fox
December 4th — Nels Dovre
January 15th — Ryan Stier
February 5th — Nella Thomas
March 19th — Danny Heggen
April 8th — Jordan Mayland


Dirlam Lounge provides a comfortable atmosphere for anyone who enters. The lounge is a popular space to host talks and hold social gatherings. Holy Grounds can be opened by special request.*

Holy Grounds can also take the shop outside Dirlam Lounge! Regular and flavored coffees as well as snacks can be provided for a flat rate cost or pay-by-item!*

Have a group that would like to meet in Dirlam and have coffee shop service? Call 515-961-1610 or e-mail coffee@simpson.edu to set up an event!

*Depends on date, space, supplies, and volunteer availability