Justice and Service

Catholic Worker House

The Des Moines Catholic Worker house was founded in 1976. It is a community that offers food, clothing, shelter, and a shower to those in need. Simpson students volunteer regularly throughout the school year by serving food twice a week and by bringing food once a month.  Although called the “Catholic Worker house,” you by no means need to be Catholic. Students of all denominations and faith participate.

Breakfast Club and the Haven Club

These are two separate ministries that both occur at Trinity United Methodist Church. The Breakfast Club is a program that is open from 6:00-8:15 AM year round and feeds on average 80 children a day. At least once a week, Simpson students will be volunteering with this program.

The Haven is an after school program during the school year that provides literacy enrichment and tutoring for children. Simpson students will regularly volunteer from 2:45 until 5:00PM.


Meals from the HeartlandMeals from the heartland 1

Meals from the Heartland’s vision is simple – empowering people to save the starving. Simpson students will volunteer at the annual drive, as well as the mobile drives. Volunteers mix ingredients into bags to be shipped worldwide to combat hunger.

Also, Simpson is in the process of organizing a drive on campus!


Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a popular service choice among Simpson students. Several spring break trips volunteer with Habitat for a week in locations such as Florida, Texas, and Mississippi. However, you don’t have to go far to help build homes. Simpson will regularly volunteer in Des Moines and Indianola. No previous experience with construction is needed!



Mileage for individual drivers (2)


Hi! My name is Emma Kain and I am the Chapel Intern of Justice and Service. I am a senior majoring in Religion with minors in Political Science and Women and Gender Studies. Along with being part of the Religious Life Community, I am also involved in the Simpson College Speech and Debate Team. There are many social justice issues that I am passionate about and I cannot wait to work with you in exploring them this year. Issues we might look at include food insecurity, illiteracy, homelessness, as well as raising awareness for disenfranchised groups.I am here to coordinate service opportunities and other justice-minded activities. In order for us to make a better community for ourselves at Simpson and in the world we must all work together. I believe that every single person has an important role to play. If service is something that you are interested in, you have a fantastic idea, or simply want to chat feel free to find me in the Chapel Office, around campus, or email me at emma.kain@my.simpson.edu I cannot wait to meet you!