Simpson Urban Studies Institute

Simpson Urban Studies Institute LogoThe Simpson Urban Studies Institute involves departments in all academic divisions of the College in research, to serve the larger Des Moines metropolitan area and to increase experiential learning opportunities for students under the guidance of Simpson faculty.

USI Center for Sustainable Urban Communities

Research Center.   Identify critical urban problems.

Amplifies Student/Faculty Academic Experience.  Students and faculty engage in one on one research or scholar activities that enhances student and faculty relationships that impact the overall undergraduate experience.

Collaborative. Collaboration between urban non-profit/faith based organizations and Simpson to enhance experiential learning for students through specific community research  and technical assistance projects.

Experiential and Service Learning Gateway.   SUSI staff, in collaboration with the Simpson Center for Vocational and Integrative Learning (CVIL), coordinate the Simpson community to participate in volunteer projects as a means to construct service learning components to existing courses, and undergraduate research.

Community Resource. As SUSI’s presence becomes more well known and trusted, community residents will see SUSI as a component of positive change in urban system modification.

SUSI Research Grants.  SUSI grants are awarded to research projects that produce research results beneficial to the Des Moines metropolitan area.  The following are examples of research projects funded by SUSI.