Symposium Abstract Submission Form

Symposium Abstract Submission

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NOTE: You may have received a confirmation message with last year’s date for the Symposium. If you have received the confirmation, we have received your submission for 2017. The correct date for the Symposium is Thursday, April 20, 2017.

  • It is understood that students submitting this form have discussed their project with a faculty sponsor in the department in which the work was completed.
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  • Please select the academic department in which you are submitting your project. Keep in mind that this could be different from your academic major.
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    Note for students: Participation in a maximum of two presentations and/or class panel discussion submissions will be allowed. You may also be the lead author on one poster. You may be listed as a co-author on additional posters, but you must find and list someone else as the primary author who will be representing the poster at the Symposium.