We believe that living on campus is an important part of your total educational experience at Simpson College. We strive to create communities in which students have opportunities to learn, grow and develop. Living on campus, you will have the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and to participate in programs and activities that will complement your academic experience.

We are so committed to the residential college experience that we believe that a college education is less than complete without it. Because Simpson College stresses living environments that facilitate personal growth, all full-time unmarried students who do not live at home or with immediate relatives are required to live in college residential facilities or Greek housing. Exceptions to this rule are made for seniors, students over the age of 23, and veterans. Contact the Department of Residence Life for more information.

The Residence Life Handbook is designed to acquaint you with the services, programs, staff, regulations and facilities of your residence. We expect that you will take the time to read and familiarize yourself with its contents.

Our Residence Life staff is committed to making your stay in campus housing as positive and enjoyable as possible. Take advantage of the many opportunities offered to you as a resident student and make the most of your time with us on campus.

Download the Student Handbook here