Move-In Information

Welcome to Simpson!  Please read below for information about new student move-in.

First-Year Move-In for Fall 2018

For early arrivals for athletics, CampusConnect, or bridge programs, please check-in at Kent Campus Center’s 1st floor atrium during your check-in window.  The date and time should be communicated by your coach or group leader.  Parking is available for check-in in the parking lot north of Kent.

For all other students, move-in for Barker and Kresge Halls is from 9am-1pm on Saturday, August 25th.

At that time you’ll receive your ID, your room combination and will be able to ask any questions you have in order to make your move-in successful.  There will also be several students present to help you move-in, so you won’t have to do it all on your own!  Security and staff will be available to point you in the right direction upon arriving and after unloading.

For Kresge:

–          When arriving, please drive down the paved roundabout area that is directly between Kresge and the Kent Campus Center.  Go to the intersection of Girard Ave and C St and turn south.

–          Please do not bring trailers into the roundabout area.  If you must move with a trailer, you can park along Girard near the Kent lot.

–          Please have all belongings clearly marked with your name and room number on them.

–          Be prepared to have someone stay with your vehicle while unloading so the vehicle can be moved quickly and there is someone to let us know what to take and what stays in the car.  When you pull up, the vehicle will be quickly unloaded and your items will be piled neatly while the move-in crew takes them to your room.  We’ll then direct you to the best nearby parking lot.

–          Keep your small, most valuable items in a small bag or backpack that you can take with you while the rest of your vehicle is unloaded.  We’ll have someone near your belongings to manage the process, but this will help us ensure nothing valuable is misplaced!

– After unloading, the best parking lot for student vehicles is near the baseball field or the far north lot that is on the north side of the Greek fraternities.  The best parking lot for guest vehicles is the lots around the Kent Campus Center, north of Buxton/Picken (west of Kent), by the baseball field, or around nearby streets where parking is allowed.

For Barker:

– When arriving, please go to the intersection at Buxton Street and Girard Ave, and drive south along Buxton Street until you are directed into the Barker parking lot.

– The check-in location is on the far east side of Barker, near Buxton Street.

– Mark belongings and boxes with the room number you’re moving into.

– Place a small note on your dashboard of your vehicle with your room number on it.

– Several members of our campus community will help you unload your vehicle.  Immediately after unloading, you’ll be directed to a nearby parking lot.

– After unloading, the best parking lot for student vehicles is near Campus Services (a block east of Colonial/Washington), the far east row of the lot to the east of Colonial/Washington apartments, or the lot by the baseball field. The best parking lot for guest vehicles is the lots around the Kent Campus Center, Colonial/Washington Apartments, or around nearby streets where parking is allowed.

New Transfers:

Please check-in at the Residence Life table in the Kent 1st floor atrium to pick up your information and learn about the best place to unload your vehicle!