Timeline for Room Selection for Housing for the 2017-18 Academic Year:

*Please note this will be updated for 2018-19 during early spring 2018*

27 Mon Room Selection Info session 1; 7pm; Barker Lounge, Buxton/Picken Tours 8-9p
27 Mon Lottery Numbers posted for room selection at Student Development
27 Mon Theme House applications due to Student Development
28 Tues Room Selection Info session 2; 7pm; Kresge Lounge; Buxton/Picken Tours 8-9p
28 Tues Theme House interviews
2 Thurs Room Selection Applications due for 2/3 person apartments**, Squatting application, Picken Floor Draw, Picken triples; process occurs over email
24 Fri Room Selection Applications due for 4 person apts, Buxton, Picken
6 Thurs Room Selection 7-9pm, Great Hall

**Please note 2/3 person apartment applications include Detroit 2-person apartment options, new for 2017-2018 and available only for ’17/’18 at this point.


Housing Application for Buxton, Picken, and Apartments

Squatting Application

Substance-Free Agreement for Clinton East and Station Square

Room Selection Process

  1. If you have questions or are unfamiliar with the process, consider attending an information session.
  2. Find out your housing lottery number by going to Student Development.  These will be posted on Feb. 27th.
  3. Decide who you’d like to live with and turn in a housing application.  For deadlines and application, see above. You can turn in a housing application by dropping it off at the front desk of Student Development or sending through campus mail addressed to “Housing.”
  4. Make sure one of your group members attends housing selection on April 7 in the Great Hall to choose your housing for next year! (Note: 2/3 person apt, Picken triple, and squatting processes occur over email)

Picken Floor Draw 

Application for Picken Floor Draw

We are encouraging groups of 12 people (4 triples) to apply to live in the lower level and share a community restroom. Applicants for this “floor draw” do not need a theme or purpose, just a desire to live together. Applications are available at Student Development and here. Applications must be single-gender and list an alternate person should a vacancy occur. Consider attending an Information Session (see above). Applications are due Thursday, March 2.

Squatting Your Room/Apartment

Squatting Application

Do you like where you live and want to live there again next year? Then squat your room or apartment (unless you live in Barker, Kresge, or with a Residence Life staff member). The same two people can squat a 2-person space, 2 out of 3 roommates can squat a 3-person space, and 3 out of 4 roommates can squat a 4-person space. Fill out a squatting application and turn it in to Student Development or mail to ‘Housing’ via the Simpson Mailroom. Applications are due Thursday, March 2.

Planning to live off-campus?

All full-time unmarried students are required to live on campus until or unless they petition to live off-campus and are approved. Petitions are automatically granted to seniors, those living with immediate relatives, those living with a dependent child, veterans, those who have attained 23 years of age.  Permission to live off-campus for other unique circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Dean of Students. Petitions are available at Student Development in paper form or electronically through your SC Connect under the “My Forms” tab. Living off-campus does lessen your “need” for financial aid reasons and could affect your Financial Aid. Please check with the Financial Assistance office about how living off-campus will affect you. Those who appear to “lend” their lottery number to an application knowing they intend to live off campus will be fined a minimum of $100.

More Information:


Lottery Numbers 
Each residential student will be issued a random number by Residence Life based on their class standing in years spent at the institution (adjustments will be made for transfer students). Also, students who filled out the Residence Life Experience Survey or the Diverse Learning Environments Survey will have 100 points deducted as well for each.  This new number becomes the Housing Lottery number used for housing purposes. Housing numbers are posted in Student Development on Monday, February 27th. (Note: Lottery numbers are NOT used in the selection of Picken Floor Draw or Theme Houses.) If you are a commuter or part-time student you will not have a lottery number posted, but to request one, please email Commuter and part-time students wishing to participate in the Room Selection process have 500 points added to their lottery number. Lottery numbers are non-transferable.

Room applications (all regular room applications are the same) are available at Student Development and online when lottery numbers get posted. Once you decide who you want to live with, fill out a Room Application and return it to Student Development or mail it to ‘Housing’ through the Simpson Mailroom. The Room Application allows you to choose a meal plan for the following year. All residential students are required to have a meal plan.

All Room Applications have the lottery numbers on it averaged, and then each application is ranked according to this average. After applications are due, all the rankings will be posted in Student Development.

Participation in Room Selection is only for students registered full-time for Fall 2017 – students must be registered full-time by April 6, 2017, for the application to still be valid. Participation can be denied for those not registered full-time for the upcoming semester, having outstanding accounts at the Business Office, having an incomplete, invalid or fraudulent application, having successfully petitioned, or having already been housed in a Theme House, Greek House, or Picken Floor Draw. Each person may only be on one application. Fraudulent applications include signing up for a space knowing that someone on your application intends to live off-campus or withdraw. Students going abroad Fall Semester cannot be on any application. Students not registered full-time at the end of Spring Semester may have their housing assignment revoked at any time.

2/3 person apartment/room applications 
There are 13 two-person apartments and 4 three-person apartments on campus. Also, there are triples available in Picken Hall. To apply for these rooms/apartments, turn in a Room Application by Thursday, March 2, to Student Development.  This selection will be done via email by the current Director, Luke Behaunek.  If your application is unsuccessful, you will have to turn in another application for a 4-person apartment by Friday, March 24.

**New for 2017/2018: Groups of 2 people can apply for Detroit 2-bedroom apartments.  There is a premium of $500/semester for this due to the single bedroom options.  Please use the options at the top of the room application to indicate this preference.

Buxton 8-person applications
If you are planning to live in Buxton, consider affiliating your application with another four-person application of friends. Groups of eight will have their applications ranked higher than groups of four. You can affiliate your application with another one right on the Room Application. Room applications are due Friday, March 24 to the front desk of Student Development or addressed to ‘Housing’ through the Simpson Mailroom.

The Room Selection Application is the same no matter when you want to live (apartments, Buxton, or Picken).

Need a roommate(s)? 
If you don’t have a roommate and need one (or more), feel free to post on our Simpson Residence Life Facebook page or on your respective class pages.


More specific details of each building are located on our Housing Options page.

Barker and Kresge
Barker and Kresge will house only first-year students and Residence Life staff.

Picken will continue to be co-ed by suite and substance-free and will be for upper-division students. Picken Hall has 30 doubles and 8 triple rooms with suite-style accommodations, except for the lower level (4 triples) which share a community restroom. Picken Hall also has a large basement lounge area as well as study area and a computer lab on the first floor. (Lottery numbers are not used when applying for the basement floor draw, but will be used when assigning the rest of Picken Hall.) See information and link to the Picken Floor Draw application above.

When selecting rooms in Picken, 2-person double applications can be combined to form groups of 2, 4, 6, or 8 people.  Unlike Buxton, larger groups will not have preference over smaller groups, but any groups combining applications will be able to select together.

Buxton will continue to be co-ed by suite and substance-free. Buxton houses 134 upper-division students in suite-style accommodations. Each unit features a large room and a separate sleeping room. The units share the restroom with an adjoining room. Priority will be given to groups who sign up as 8-person suites. 4-person applications will select their rooms after the 8-person groups.

The Apartments
In all, the seven apartment buildings (Clinton, Colonial, Washington, Station Square, Hamilton, Detroit, and Weinman) are primarily 4-person apartments, but 2- and 3-person apartments do exist. (2/3- person applications are due earlier than other applications, see above.) Station Square and Clinton East (101-106, 201-206, 301-304) will both be quiet and substance-free buildings. Students wishing and eligible to live in Station Square or Clinton East must sign a“Substance-Free Agreement” outlining your willingness to live in a Substance Free and 24-Hour Quiet Hour environment. This agreement outlines your responsibilities as well as the consequences for violating this agreement. The “Substance-Free Agreement” must be signed and turned in by each resident at Room Selection. There is no GPA requirement for living in the apartments. Students on Disciplinary Probation are not eligible to participate in Room Selection for an apartment space.

How Many Apartments Are There and Where Are They?
There are a total of 119 apartments generally available at Room Selection:
25 two-person, 2 three-person, and 92 four-person apartments
(9 apartments are occupied by CAs (Community Advisors) and their roommates)

Clinton Colonial Washington Weinman Hamilton Detroit Station Square
4-person 28 8 11 11 12 22
3-person 2
2-person 6 4 1 1 12 1

College-owned Greek Houses include Alpha Tau Omega (ATO), Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG), Kappa Theta Psi (KTP), Lambda Chi Alpha (LXA), and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE). All Greek chapters generally expect members to live in their chapter house (college-owned or not).

Any questions can be directed to your Residence Life student or professional staff member!