Theme Housing

For the upcoming fall of 2018, Simpson will offer 4 different theme house options for residential students.  These are briefly described below, although more information is available in the theme house application.

  • 903 N E St: 6 people.  Currently the Performing Arts house.
  • 705 N D St: 4 people.  Currently the Kate Shelley Women’s Resource Center.
  • 707 N D St: 4 people.  Currently the Carver Cultural Center.
  • 411 W Clinton: 4 people. Currently La Casa Unida.

The requirements to live in a theme house are explained on the applications.  If you’re interested in applying as a group, please use this application.  Applications are due to Student Development by February 23rd.  Interviews for theme houses will take place on February 27th.

For groups currently living in a theme house, please use this re-application.  Due dates and interviews are the same times as the new application.