Summer & May Housing

During May term at Simpson, only students meeting one of the following reasons are allowed to stay on campus.  For those not staying for May term, check-out deadlines are 8pm on April 27th for those not participating in graduation, and 8pm on April 29th for those who are.

Reasons for people to stay during May term:

  1.  students enrolled in an academic course (either held on-campus or traveling) or internship experience for at least 2 credits.
  2.  students engaged in spring athletics, with approval from a coach.  If a student-athlete does not have another reason to stay, they will be asked to move out the day after the end of their season.
  3. students working as a campus work-study for 24 hrs/wk or more.  Supervisor approval is required.  If on a meal plan, no additional blocks will be provided, but unused flex from spring can rollover to May term.
  4. students moving directly into summer housing on May 21.  If no other reasons to stay for May term exist, please note summer housing billing will begin when you would normally check-out of spring housing.


For students who live on-campus during the academic year, there is no additional charge for room during May term for above reasons 1-3.  May term meal plans will be augmented by additional blocks for those staying for a May term course, and some additional blocks will be added for athletes staying into May term.  Unused flex will rollover for these students as well.

The check-out deadline for all students who staying for May term but are not transitioning to summer housing is 6pm on Friday, May 19.

Summer Housing

Summer Housing Application 

Summer housing is available for all Simpson students, and it will be located in the Clinton Apartments.  The rate is $12/day and is reduced to $8/day for students who are working on campus for 24 hrs/wk or more.  Priority deadline is April 21st, but applications will be received based on space availability until May 12.