Housing dates for fall 2015 for new students:

  • Anytime!: You can send in your enrollment deposit and housing information, including your housing contract at any time. When you deposit, your housing timeline and move-in day information will be mailed to you within a few weeks. The earlier you send this in, the better!  If you know of another incoming student that you would like to be paired with, you can preference them on your contract.  Sending in your housing contract will guarantee your housing at Simpson.
  • Starting in early April: Meet your future roommate on Facebook! Look for our roommate selection page on Facebook during the early spring!
  • June: During orientation, more housing information will be covered along with move-in day specifics.  We’ll also cover our Facebook roommate selection process in more depth, which allows you to look around for someone who is compatible with you!
  • Late June: All roommate requests are due via our roommate contract or other means which we will discuss at orientation.  The exact due date will be identified in the spring.
  • Early July: Housing professionals and admissions counselors meet to match roommates and assign rooms.
  • Mid-July: Housing assignment letters are mailed, including roommate contact information and room number.
  • August 29: Move-in day!
  • August 29-31: Orientation
  • September 1: Classes begin!

For students transferring into Simpson, housing staff and Gwen Schroder, the transfer admissions counselor, work together in June and July to give individual attention to each student and assign housing based on the students’ needs and preferences.  Information is mailed as soon as those matches are made.

Housing dates for fall 2015 transfer students:

  • Anytime!  Deposit to Simpson and receive your housing information within a few weeks.
  • Early July: Gwen Schroder, transfer admissions counselor, and Residence Life meet to discuss options for housing.
  • July: Housing letters and assignments are mailed.
  • August 29: Move-in for transfer students.  Check-in is in Student Development from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • September 1: Classes begin