Annual Fire Report

Current Fire Information
2015 Fire Report


The Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315) became law in August, 2008, requiring all United States academic institutions to produce an annual fire safety report outlining fire safety practices, standards, and all fire-related on-campus statistics. The following public disclosure report details all information required by this law as it relates to Simpson College.

General Statement of College Owned / Controlled Student Housing
At Simpson College all residence halls have a wet sprinkler system throughout with a pre-action system in the attic. The system is also equipped with flow and valve tamper switches monitored by F/A panel. The system also has non-addressable fire alarm panels with hard-wired photo-electric smoke detectors in hallways; hard-wired smoke/heat detectors in mechanical rooms, custodial closets, lounges & student rooms; hard-wired heat detectors in kitchens. Fire alarm panels annunciate to the Campus Safety & Security and Facilities Management offices.

Fire Safety Plans
If a fire is discovered in any college building, members of the campus are encouraged to call the Simpson College Campus Security Department, 961-1711. The fire alarm emergency signal is a continuous sounding of the fire alarm. In case of a fire each person in the residence hall or building should leave the building as quickly as possible, using available stairways and fire escapes. Each student or campus community member should also leave room doors unlocked and close the door upon exiting their room. Students and community members should walk quietly and quickly downstairs and stand in a designated area away from the building. Fire safety procedures are listed on pages 46 – 47 in the student handbook.