Our student senate has committees that we use to address and work within important areas of the college for further success as an organization. These committees work for improvements in their areas, as well as address concerns of the student body. If you have an idea or an issue that falls within these areas, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

The Student Advocacy Committee

The Student Advocacy Committee (SAC) addresses student concerns on the big issues affecting the campus community and works to improve our outreach to the campus community. Much of this work will be accomplished through developing and cultivating relationships between the SAC and Simpson’s faculty, staff, and administration. In addition, the SAC works to improve the SGA within through researching and adopting the best practices of the student governments. The SAC can do, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Voice and support student concerns relating to tuition, academics and college policy
  • Gather and disseminate information on the above subjects to and from students
  • Work with the General Education Director to guide the creation of May Term courses
  • Gauge student satisfaction with living, working and studying conditions on campus
  • Advocate on behalf of students in regards to issues with and ideas for Residence Life and Sodexo
  • Regular and consistent updating of the SGA Facebook, Twitter and website
  • Researching and communicating with other student governments to implement best practices at Simpson
  • Training and development of members of the SGA

Co-chairs: Lewis Cox and Tre Loge

Members: Blake Brown, Morgan Moline, Drew Roen, Britney Samuelson, Emma Schlenker, Abby Schulte

The Student Organization Committee

The Student Organizations Committee (SOC) serves as the bridge between officially registered student organizations and the SGA. The SOC strives to foster and support student organizations and student leaders and hold them to the standard expected by the students of Simpson College. The SOC does, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Planning and implementing All-Org Councils for the improvement of student organizations
  • Organizing Simpson’s oldest tradition: Campus Day
  • Working with the advisors of student organizations

Chair: Ishaya David

Members: Geoff Converse, Courtney Craig, Cody Isabel, Madi Riley, Kelsey Schott

The Financial Advisory Committee

The Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) acts as the intermediary between student organizations seeking financial support and assistance and the SGA. Members of the FAC also take the lead in organizing capital improvement projects for campus. The FAC does, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Review and presents budget requests to the SGA
  • Keeps accurate record of SGA expenditures, appropriations, and revenue
  • Organizes the Spring Budget Hearings
  • Takes a leading role in the organizing and planning of capital improvement projects

Chair: Nick Laning

Members: Jacob Becker, Tristan Carman, Charlie Cross, Casey Nickel, Cort Singleton

Other Non-SGA Committees

Student Body President Nominated:

  • Student Conduct Board – 9 students (at least 6 returning students, at least 1 first year)
  • Food Committee – 4 or more students

Faculty Committees:

  • Educational Policy and Curriculum – 3 Students
  • Admissions, Scholarships, and Financial Assistance – 2 Students
  • Library Advisory – 1 student
  • Multicultural/Minority Issues – 2 students
  • Study Abroad – 1 Student
  • Teacher Education – 2 Students


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