Student Advocacy Committee

The Student Advocacy Committee (SAC) addresses student concerns on the big issues affecting the campus community. Much of this work will be accomplished through developing and cultivating relationships between the SAC and Simpson’s faculty, staff, and administration. The SAC can do, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Voice and support student concerns relating to tuition, academics and college policy
  • Gather and disseminate information on the above subjects to and from students
  • Work with the General Education Director to guide the creation of May Term courses
  • Gauge student satisfaction with living, working and studying conditions on campus
  • Advocate on behalf of students in regards to issues with and ideas for Residence Life and Sodexo
  • Regular and consistent updating of the SGA Facebook, Twitter and website
  • Researching and communicating with other student governments to implement best practices at Simpson
  • Training and development of members of the SGA

Co-chairs: Lewis Cox and Tre Loge

Members: Blake Brown, Morgan Moline, Drew Roen, Britney Samuelson, Emma Schlenker, Abby Schulte