January 2015


1-28-15 Minutes

-We learned that Simpson collects $25,000 in parking ticket money annually and the money goes towards student development.

-Allocated $100 to Dance Club, $3,882 to MSA, $1,680 to Model UN and $6,506 to Intramurals.

-Our updated operating budget is $3,330.

1-21-15 Minutes

-Allocated funds to Speech and Debate ($1613), Exercise Science Club ($3100), Education Club ($3,370) and Math Club ($2,505)

-Simpson Sunshine amendment to SGA Bylaws was discussed

-Sarah and Ethan are meeting with President Simmons on Monday. Send them any topics you would like discussed to sarah.beadle@my.simpson.edu or ethan.frederick@my.simpson.edu.


1-14-15 Minutes

-All Campus Budget Committee was discussed; possible higher comprehensive and technology fees for the upcoming school year

-The All-Campus Counsel Report initiatives were highlighted focusing on women, diversity and reserving venues on Campus

-New Student Conduct Board members were approved.

-A new EPCC delegate from SGA was chosen.