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Simpson Fitness Schedule Spring ’16

Simpson Fitness classes start back up Sept . 7-Yoga and the week of Sept. 13th for Zumba! All other classes TBD.
BPAC-#202 Blank Performing Arts Center #103
Steven Johnson Fitness Center Dance/Aerobics Studio-#103


Monday                                                                        Wednesday

6:30-7:45am YOGA (BPAC 202)-Shnurman            6:30-7:45am YOGA (BPAC 202)-Shnurman

8:00-9:00pm Dance Club (SJFC 103)                        Thursday

Tuesday                                                                       5:00-6:00pm YOGA (BPAC 202)-Shnurman

5:00-6:00pm YOGA (BPAC 202)-Shnurman            Friday

7:15-8:00pm ZUMBA (SJFC 103)-Sloan                    6:30-7:45am YOGA (BPAC 202)-Shnurman

*We are hiring new fitness instructors this fall, please contact Nicole Darling if you are interested in teaching a class.  Prior experience is not necessary, but the job will serve as a learning process for students looking to get into the wellness field.