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Simpson Fitness Schedule Fall ’15

Simpson Fitness classes start Wednesday –Jan.14th!
BPAC-#202 Blank Performing Arts Center #103
Steven Johnson Fitness Center Dance/Aerobics Studio-#103
CC-Old Catholic Church on Iowa Street




Monday                           Class                                    Location                            Instructor   

6:30-7:45am                        Yoga                                      BPAC #202                            Charlotte

5:00-5:45pm                        Guts-n-Glutes                     SJFC #103                               Jordan

6:00-6:45pm                        TNT                                      SJFC #103                               Peyton

Tuesday                            Class                                   Location                              Instructor    

5:00-6:00pm                        Yoga                                     BPAC #202                            Charlotte

7:15-8:00pm                        Zumba                                  SJFC #103                               Sarah

8:15-9:00pm                        Diesel                                    SJFC #103                              Tyler

Wednesday                     Class                                   Location                               Instructor     

6:30-7:45am                        Yoga                                      BPAC #202                            Charlotte

8:00-8:45am                        Kickboxing                          CC                                             Julius

12:40-1:15pm                       AB Attack                             SJFC #103                              Amy
(Starting Oct. 7)

7:15-8:00pm                        Tone it up                             SJFC #103                              Lauren

8:15-9:00pm                        TNT                                       SJFC #103                              Marshall

Thursday                         Class                                   Location                                Instructor  

12:00-12:45pm                  Yoga                                       SJFC #103                              Charlotte

5:00-6:00pm                     Yoga                                       BPAC #202                            Charlotte

5:00-6:00pm                      Sweatshop                           SJFC #103                              Emma

8:15-9:00pm                      TNT                                       SJFC #103                               Lauren

Friday                              Class                                   Location                              Instructor   

6:30-7:45am                       YOGA                                    BPAC #202                           Charlotte

8:00-8:45am                      Kickboxing                            CC                                           Julius

Sunday                           Class                                     Location                            Instructor    

7:00-7:45pm                        Kickboxing                            CC                                            Julius

Location Description:

BPAC-Blank Performing Arts Center

SJFC-Steven Johnson Fitness Center Dance/Aerobic Studio

CC-Old Catholic Church on Iowa Street, just west of campus and the Intramural fields.

Class Descriptions

CARDIO BURN– Lots of moving, keeping the heart rate up with added bonus of muscle sculpting

 DIESEL-Interval training class consisting of high reps & intensity, low weights, strength training cardio burst

 GUTS & GLUTES– Body sculpting class with a focus on the abdominal and lower body muscles.

 KICKBOXING-Focus on proper martial arts techniques in regards to boxing involving a mixture of cardio, interval training along with a boxing bag work out. Some gloves provided, but may need to purchase own gloves depending on # of participants.

 SWEATSHOP-HARD “CORE”– Non-stop cardio, step, weights, interval training, agility drills with emphasis on core

 TNT-There’s No Tomorrow- It’s all about the punch & crunch, cardio sculpt, romp & stomp boot camp style

 ZUMBA-Latin based dance class, where you move and groove to the music and work up a sweat, it’s all about having fun

TONE IT UP-Focus on the lower body with added cardio and burn out.