Simpson Interdisciplinary Research (SIR) Grant

Mission Statement

The aim of the Simpson Interdisciplinary Research Grant (SIR Grant) is to involve departments in all academic divisions of the College in research, to serve the college through the cultivation of new and unique projects that exemplify the core purpose and academic diversity of the liberal arts education. Additionally, we hope to bring together faculty and students from different areas of study to create a larger culture of interdisciplinary research on campus and increase experiential learning opportunities for students under the guidance of Simpson faculty.

Criteria for SIR Grant

Interdisciplinary research projects must

  • Have a research component which incorporates 2 or more areas of academic study (e.g., history and mathematics).
  • Have a faculty sponsor(s) advising/coordinating the research
    • Note: Projects may include collaboration of two or more faculty members from different departments working toward a common research goal OR one faculty incorporating two areas of study for a single research goal.
  • Include Simpson students as researchers
  • Produce a final report.

Grant Awards

SIR Grants are for a maximum of $3000. Applications for SIR Grants are to be completed by a Simpson College faculty member. In the application, the role of Simpson student researcher(s) and the tie to the mission of the SIR Grant in the academic research must be evident. The award can be used to fund the research process (e.g., supplies, equipment, travel to and from research site, photocopying, mailing expenses, computer software, travel to libraries). The $3000 budget can also include a stipend for up to $500 for each faculty member and up to $500 total for travel to a conference to present research results.

Grant proposals are due September 25 for research occurring in the following spring semester or summer. Grant proposals are due January 29th for research occurring in the summer or in the following fall semester. Funds permitting, grant will be considered after the deadline.  A faculty committee will review all proposals.

Application Requirements

Each grant proposal should contain the following:

  • Name, phone number, and email address of faculty sponsor(s)
  • Description of the Simpson student researcher’s role in the study.
  • Project narrative that includes
    • An overview of the project
    • How the project fits into the mission of SIR (i.e., how is the approach interdisciplinary in nature)
    • A description of the final research product (paper, poster, painting, CD, presentation, etc.)
    • How the project results will be communicated to others
  • Project timeline
  • Project budget that clearly connects expenses to the research process. (Note that the expenses for a project must all be incurred during one Simpson College fiscal year.)

Submit grant proposals electronically to the Co-Directors of Undergraduate Research (