Simpson Professor’s Sculpture Chosen For Mankato CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour

Hawk by David Richmond

Hawk by David Richmond

At Simpson College, professors practice what they teach.

David Richmond, a Simpson professor of art and director of Farnham Galleries, also is a working artist, and one of his sculptures has been chosen for display in Mankato, Minn., as part of what’s known as CityArt Mankato.

Richmond’s sculpture, titled “Hawk,” is one of 32 sculptures chosen to be displayed in the CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour.

The artwork consists of plywood, stainless steel and exterior pigments. The combination of colors and shapes are based on theories that related to three influential art movements: De Stijl, Bauhaus and the oldest, Feng Shui.

To see a video of Richmond discussing the work, click here: