Smith Memorial Chapel Candle Policy

Smith Memorial Chapel has a wonderful selection of candles to enhance your wedding experience. All candles in your wedding service must be rented from Smith Memorial Chapel. There are no exceptions to this rule. With your rental, the Chapel staff will make sure that the candles you request are properly set out and put away on your wedding day. Any decorations for the candle sets must be approved by the Chapel assistant to ensure they meet fire-safety protocol. It will be the wedding party’s responsibility for removal of decorations.

All prices are subject to change. A written notice will inform you of any changes.

Smith Chapel Candle Rental Form


A – Unity Candle $25 for the set

B – Pew Candle $115 for 18 candles

C – Window Candles $75 for 10 candles

D – Floor Candles $50 for the pair E – Altar Candles $50 for the pair F – Candelabra $35 for the pair
B & C together –  $165

D & E together –  $75

All fees include the staff time to set-up and put away your candle choices in the chapel.  All decorations on the candles will be the responsibility of the wedding couple.