Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

1. The main chapel will seat approximately 300 people comfortably.

2. There are 18 pews on each side of the main chapel.

3. There is air conditioning in the main chapel.

4. ALL catering on campus is to be done by Sodexo Catering.

5. Receptions can be held in Dirlam Lounge (capacity 50) or in Great Hall or Hubbell Hall (to be organized through Sodexo Catering).

6. To use Dirlam Lounge during a wedding, there is a $50.00 fee. The kitchen is not to be used unless you talk to Smith Chapel staff beforehand.

7. There is a women’s lounge in the lower level restroom that can be used as a dressing room.

8. Birdseed, confetti, etc. can be thrown but will need be cleaned up afterward. Rice is NOT permitted. Bubbles are acceptable.

9. Rehearsal time is one and one half hours.

10. The chapel is open three (3) hours prior to the scheduled wedding time and closed one (1) hour after the wedding ceremony is completed. If additional time is needed, there will be a fee of $50.00 per hour, paid in advance.

11. All rehearsals and weddings need to proceed on time. Starting late will not extend your time, due to other scheduled events.

12. The purpose of the wedding assistant is for hospitality, open doors, to turn on lights, set up sound system, provide access to telephones, and other details as needed.

13. Couples are asked to provide their own clergy, Smith Chapel does not provide clergy members. A referral list can be provided if needed.

14. Weddings cancelled more than six months before the reserved date will receive a partial refund of the prepaid fee. NO REFUNDS will be granted for weddings cancelled less than six months prior the scheduled date.

15. The Chapel Staff can provide a list of suggested organists, but it is the responsibility of the wedding party to arrange for musicians.

16. NO alcohol is permitted within Smith Memorial Chapel or on the Simpson College campus in general, UNLESS catered by Sodexo Catering.

17. Smith Chapel DOES NOT have a street address. We suggest that you simply write “Smith Chapel on Simpson College Campus” or “At the corner of Buxton and Clinton” on your invitations.

18. For Candle and Candelabra rentals please see the Candle brochure.

19. The office is available for grandparents and handicapped people who need to be seated before the wedding.

20. There is a water fountain and restrooms downstairs.

21. Wedding parties cannot come into the chapel before their scheduled time unless they pay for an extra hour.