Want to make a difference in this world? Simpson's new Social Justice Studies major will show you how. 

Social Justice Studies explores the important terrain between ideals of justice and everyday local and global expressions of injustice. The major is fundamentally interdisciplinary, drawing on ideas, tools and lenses from many traditional academic disciplines, but explicitly engaging the academic device of critical theory, as well as the philosophy and methods of interdisciplinarity.


Students who complete Simpson’s Social Justice Studies Major will discover a broad range of career options and education available to them, including:

  • Graduate school
  • Employment in government or business
  • Community organizing
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Conflict resolution
  • Human rights work
  • Human Relations Work
  • Working with a range of non-governmental ornot-for-profit organizations
  • Political campaign organizations
  • Environmental organizations
  • International agencies
  • Mediation
  • Faith organizations
  • Journalism and communications
  • Lobbying and rights advocacyIn other words, there’s no limit to what you might do with a Social Justice Studies degree from Simpson.


Completing the Social Justice Studies program means students will have:

  • Analyzed issues of social justice using multiple perspectives and paradigms.
  • Articulated central social justice issues, practice, research and theory in their chosen area of emphasis.
  • Synthesized ethical interventions to address social injustice.
  • Critically reflect on the self as an agent of social justice.
  • Advocated knowledgeably and responsibly for social change.


Because we know that today’s high school and college-aged students are not simply content to accept the world as it is. They want to be active change agents in improving lives in the local and global communities. An increasing number of students are working as volunteers, activists or advocates in the hope of serving others.

In addition, more students are seeking a vocation related to helping others, which means they are looking for courses or career opportunities tied to the work of social improvement.


If this sounds like you, then you owe it to yourself
to learn more about Simpson’s Social Justice Studies Major. As of the fall of 2017, there was no other private college in Iowa (and few nationally) offering a similar major, although we know the interest and need is great.