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Carolyn Dallinger ’80- Service Guru

Often referred to as a “service guru,” Dallinger has consistently integrated service learning into her courses since she started teaching at Simpson seven years ago. More…

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As you dive into sociology, criminal justice, or human services as a major or minors at Simpson College,  you’ll find you’ve landed on some of the best programs a Midwest college has to offer. 

With a degree in sociology you will study society and social interaction, that is, the nature and workings of humans in group life. Criminal justice majors learn to think in terms of theoretical critiques of the inner-workings of the criminal justice system. Human services majors learn about the helping services approach as well as conflict resolution tactics or counseling strategies. Throughout the department, themes of social justice application and analyses can be found and explored.

The Sociology and Criminal Justice Department will prepare you for a career path in law enforcement, institutional or community-based corrections, probation and parole, policy or analysis, or social services, as well as to further your education in graduate or law school. Faculty work closely with you in various experiential learning activities, from service learning outside the classroom, field experience and seminars, traditional internships, or indendepent projects or research.  Many students land career-enhancing placements while at Simpson College, beginning to impact their professional contacts and networks while in an undergraduate academic setting.

As you look around our webpages and think of questions, be sure to reach out to Dr. Carolyn Dallinger, the Department Chair, or any faculty member.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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