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Sydni Loney ’14: Psychology, Research & Study Abroad

“When I first came into school, I was pretty shy and I didn’t take a lot of risks. Simpson really taught me to take those risks and help me develop professionally.” More…

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The social work minor is designed to augment a related major such as criminal justice, Spanish, religion, sociology, psychology, or others. Students who plan on either a career in human service or graduate study in social work are urged to consider the sociology major with a focused coursework in social work. 

Interested? Click on the Success Story above, to see how social work minor Sydni Loney feels about her Simpson experience!

Students who minor in Social Work will be able to:

1.demonstrate workable understanding of major elements of the human service systems in the United States;

2. demonstrate beginning level counseling skills and strategies for problem-solving; and

3. will know and be able to use a multi-layered understanding of human behavior in the social environment.

All students with a social work minor also complete experiential coursework, that is, the Field Experience and Seminar Course.  Recent successful placements include Blank Children's Hospital's Regional Child Protection Center, the Polk County Crisis and Advocacy Services, MECCA Services, Iowa Crime Victim Assistance Division, ManUP Iowa, Warren County Attorney's Office, victim/witness coordination, Lutheran Services of Iowa, and the Iowa Departhment of Human Services.  New connections and placements are created every semester - your imagination is truly the limit in this career field.


Social Work Minor Credit Requirements