Exercise Science


The Exercise Science program involves the study of the human body during exercise and is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in health promotion, performance enhancement/strength and conditioning, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and corporate wellness. Internships are utilized to allow students to work with healthy and high-risk clients of various age and ability.

Three of our Exercise Science students competed in a quiz bowl at the Midwest Regional American College of Sports Medicine Conference in Indiana this month. (from left to right, Sammy Nelson, Sarah Dyer and Ashley Ziebell)

 Exercise Science Major

Students will complete ten courses plus as capstone as follows: Required:
  • NaSc 107 Nutrition
  • SpSc 160 Basic Athletic Training
  • SpSc 239 Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (May Term only)
  • SpSc 240 Kinesiology
  • SpSc 245 Principles of Exercise Science  *IL embedded skill 
  • SpSc 256 Health Promotion, Education and Behavior  *CL embedded skill
  • SpSc 250 Personal Health  *OC and CL embedded skills
  • SpSc 290 Junior or Senior internship (at least one semester prior to SpSc 319)
  • SpSc 310 Exercise Physiology  *IL embedded skill
  • SpSc 312 Public Community Health and Safety  *CL and WC embedded skill
  • SpSc 319 Junior or Senior internship
  • SpSc 340 or 341 Exercise Testing and Prescription *CT embedded skill pending
  • SpSc 372 Research Methods *SR area of engagement, QR and WC embedded skills
  • SpSc 385 Senior Capstone and  internship  *IL and WC embedded skills
  • SpSc 398 Independent Research  *IL and WC embedded skills
    *The capstone is either a second internship OR individual research project. If student chooses the research option, SpSc 375,       Research Methods, must be take prior to beginning the project. 
Highly recommended:
  • SpSc 251 Contemporary Health (preferably prior to taking SpSc 312)  *CL and WC embedded skill
  • Bio 165 Medical terminology and pharmacology (May term only)
Students wanting to pursue graduate studies should also take the following:
  • Research Methods and Independent Research
  • Statistics (from Psychology or Sociology departments)
  • Human Physiology

Exercise Science Minor

Students will complete seven courses as follows: Required:
  • NaSc 107 Nutrition
  • SpSc 239 Exercise Testing and Prescription for Special Populations (May term only)
  • SpSc 240 Kinesiology
  • SpSc 310 Exercise Physiology
  • SpSc 340 Program Design and Exercise Prescription
Highly Recommended:
  • SpSc 319 Junior or Senior Internship

Typical Four Year Progression:

First year:
  • SpSc 240
  • NaSc 107
  • SpSc 160
Second year:
  • SpSc 245 (fall only)
  • SpSc 256 (spring only)
  • SpSc 239 (May Term only)
  • SpSc 290 *Career services workshop series at least one semester prior to completeing SpSc 319 internship. If Coop 119 was completed during May term, the student is exempt from taking SpSc 290.
Third Year:
  • SpSc 310 (fall only)
  • SpSc 340 or 341 (take after 310)
  • SpSc 250 or 251 (spring only)
  • SpSc 319 Internship
  • SpSc 372 (spring only, required if capstone will be SpSc 398)
Fourth Year:
  • SpSc 385 or 398
    American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Midwest American College of Sports Medicine (MWACSM) National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) American Kinesiology Association (AKA)