Health Endorsement Program

The Sport Science and Health Education Department offers a variety of opportunities for possible career choices in heath and physical education. The health endorsement is designed to be an educational experience tied to the physical education major, which makes the graduate more marketable within the education profession. The endorsement is designed around the state teaching requirements and health national standards and allows the graduate opportunities to work in the classroom with students, grades K-12. The culminating experience is also student teaching within the secondary level. One of the outstanding entities of the health endorsement program is the ability to have a methods instructor who has been awarded the Iowa State Teacher of the Year Award, with superb teaching abilities and styles to pass along to our students. The health endorsement is strengthened with excellent faculty and experiences outside the classroom.

Health, Additional Teaching Area K-12 
Endorsement #137

Required: (Hours)

  • Educ 118 Student Learning and Development (4)
  • Biol 104 Human Biology (4)
  • Bio 165 Medical Terminology and Pharmacology (4) (May Term only)
  • NaSc 107 Nutrition (4)
  • SpSc 151 Foundations of Physical Education (4)
  • SpSc 240 Kinesiology and Body Mechanics (4)
  • SpSc 241 Health/PE Practicum (4)
  • SpSc 251 Contemporary Health (4)
  • SpSc 308 Health Methods and Curriculum (K-12 Endorse) (4)
  • SpSc 312 Public/Community Health and Safety (4)

Total (36)

*All prerequisites must be taken to fulfill requirements. This may be more than the listed total hours. Education 388 PH and 398, student teaching in Physical Education and Health and seminar must be completed to be eligible for the health endorsement.

Typical Four Year Course Progression:

First Year:

Educ 118 (or fall second year)

SpSc 151 (spring only)

Second Year:

Biol 104, SR area of engagement (any year, fall only)

NaSc 107 (any year)

Biol 165 (May Term only)

Third Year:

SpSc 240 (any year)

SpSc 241 (May Term only)

SpSc 250, OC and CL embedded skills (spring only)

Fourth Year:

SpSc 308 (only odd years in fall)

SpSc 312, CL and WC (fall only)

Student teaching (capstone) – if athlete, this takes place opposite of sport