Sports Administration Minor

The Sports Administration minor is designed to serve the interests and occupational opportunities for pursuing the business side of sport and physical fitness.

Megan Ginsberg working at the Minnesota Timberwolves

Success Stories

Megan Ginsberg ’12- Community Relations Assistant For The Minnesota Timberwolves

My professors made balancing sports and school very easy. Everyone knew your studies came first and they helped me work around the travel schedule so I got everything done on time. More…

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Course Requirements:

  • SpSc 253 Sport and Fitness Management
  • SpSc 263 Sports Law
  • SpSc 273 Sport and Fitness Marketing
  • SpSc 319 Junior or Senior Internship (on or off campus)
  • SpSc 320 Event and Facility Management
  • Comm 223 Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications OR Acct 201 Introduction to Accounting Information and Decision Making