Typical Accommodations

Accommodations, Accessibility Services

Accommodations are an adjustment or adaptation made in order for a person with a disability to have equal access to the curriculum, the campus facilities, and all programs and services. Accommodations are made on an individual basis.

Accommodations do not fundamentally alter the requirements of the college’s standards, course, or program requirements.

Accommodations do not modify the content or rigor of an individual course. All students are held to the same standards.

Examples of Accommodations:
  • Extended time on a test
  • Distraction reduced environment for testing
  • Audible books
  • Smart pens for taking notes
  • Close captioning on videos
  • Technology, such as Kurzweil
  • Lower lab benches to accommodate wheelchairs
  • Alternative arrangements for class presentations
  • Preferential seating
  • Scribes