How to register your club or organization.

1. ALL Clubs or Organizations must register using the below form.
In order to be a recognized club or organization, you must complete the registration process. Being a recognized organization allows your organization to request money from the Student Government Association, to reserve space in campus buildings, and to promote yourself on campus via e-mail, flyers, and the college's website, among other things. 

 2. Registration will not be considered complete until an Advisor Agreement form and Roster are on file with the Office of Student Activities
You will find in the registration form and a place for you to upload a roster of your members below. We would like to suggest an Excel spreadsheet with the following information: Name of Member, Class Standing of member, e-mail address of member, and if they hold any leadership positions. You will find attached to this e-mail an Advisor Agreement form. All organizations must have an advisor. Any groups who have not returned this form to the Office of Student Activities will have failed to complete their registration, and will not be considered a recognized group.

3. Wiggio
After much discussion, including feedback from students, we have decided to give groups the option of not using Symplicity for the 2012-2013 school year. In it's place, the Student Government Association has moved to the online based Wiggio. Wiggio has many of the same capabilities as Symplicity, but in a much sleeker, user friendly design. In addition to the services one would find on the Symplicity page, Wiggio allows groups to host documents that can be accessed and edited by members of the group, group chat capabilities, group video chatting, conference calling, and the ability to send a mass text to all members of the group, if they provide their phone number when registering for Wiggio. The registration form will ask if your organization is interested in having a Wiggio page. If you choose this option, we will create a Wiggio page for you, and provide you with all of the information you need to get your group started. If your group would prefer to maintain the traditional Symplicity page, it will still be available to your group.

 4. OrgFest
Each year, Simpson provides its clubs and organizations a way to promote their group not only to new students, but to all students who may be interested in joining. This year's OrgFest will be Monday, August 27, from 2-4PM, on the quad outside of the library. The registration page asks if you would like to reserve a space at OrgFest. 

In order to start the year, and prepare for OrgFest, we'd like ALL online registrations and rosters completed no later than Monday, August 20th. Advisor Agreement forms should be turned in no later than Friday, August 31st to either Kristen or Rich's office

5. New Clubs and Organizations
All throughout the year, the Office of Student Activities is available to help any student or group of students form a new club or organization on campus. If you have an idea for a club or organization you would like to see on campus, simply send an e-mail, and we can get you started with establishing something new and exciting on campus!

Click below for the registration link!!