Student Right and Responsibilities

You Have The Right To:

  • Be informed.  Simpson College strives to provide parents and students with factual information about costs, aid, opportunities, programs, etc. through its publications and correspondence.
  • Expect confidentiality.  All financial aid information submitted to the office of financial assistance is confidential and will not be released without your written consent.
  • Receive an answer.  A professional staff member in the office of financial assistance will answer any question concerning the determination of your award.
  • Accept all or part of the assistance offered.  An award of one type of aid is not contingent upon acceptance of another.
  • Have your financial need reviewed if there has been a significant change in your family financial situation.  However, this does not always result in an increase in your award.
  • Examine your financial aid records.  You may request a review with a financial aid administrator at any time.
  • Expect fair treatment.  Simpson College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental handicap or age.

You Are Responsible For: 

  • Meeting your educational costs  (along with your parents if you are a dependent student).
  • Supplying accurate information on all forms submitted.  Funds obtained on the basis of false information must be repaid and could result in criminal prosecution.
  • Reporting any assistance received from any sources outside our office.  This includes all outside education loans, scholarships and grants.
  • Completing all necessary paperwork.
  • Responding to the office of financial assistance on a timely basis.  If you are applying for aid with a deadline, you must meet that deadline.
  • Reporting any change in your circumstances which might affect your eligibility for financial aid.  These changes include residency, enrollment status (withdrawing from a class or school), class standing, change of  financial resources and marital status.
  • Using financial aid funds for expenses related to your attendance at Simpson College.
  • Repaying all types of loan assistance and to inform lenders of any change in name, address, or enrollment while you are attending school and after you leave or graduate.
  • Complying with all federal requirements of the 1983 Amendments to the Military Selective Service Act.
  • Repayment of money owed from a prior over-award of federal funds at any institution. You are not eligible for additional financial aid if you owe a refund of federal funds.
  • Making satisfactory academic progress as outlined in this handbook.
  • Being aware and complying with all other conditions that relate to the  receipt of your financial aid as outlined in this handbook.
  • Complying with all verification deadlines if you have been selected for verification by submitting the forms described in this handbook.
  • Repaying loans according to your established repayment schedule.  You are not eligible for financial aid if you are in default on a Federal Perkins Loan, Health Professions Loan, Federal Stafford Loan or Federal PLUS Loan received at any institution.

Selective Service Requirement For Financial Aid Recipients:  The Department of Defense Authorization Act, 1983, which amends the Military Selective Service Act, denies federal financial aid under the Title IV programs (Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work Study, Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, TEACH Grant, and Federal PLUS Loan) of the Higher Education Act to any student who is required to register for the Selective Service but fails to do so.

General registration requirements apply to males who are at least 18 years old and were born after December 31, 1959.  If you believe you are not required to register, call the Selective Service Office at 1-888-655-1825 for information regarding exemptions.

Where Can I Seek Counseling About Financial Aid?          The office of financial assistance has staff members who can assist you in understanding your financial aid, budgeting your resources and loan management.  You are encouraged to contact our office when you need help at 1-800-362-2454, ext. 1630 to schedule an appointment.  Other services provided by the office of financial assistance include assessing eligibility for financial aid, awarding aid, administering short-term and emergency loans, and recommending and processing Federal Direct Stafford Loans.