Allison Frideres ’17 – Graduate Attends University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Mathematics PhD Program

It all adds up. Caring professors + involvement opportunities = successful students.

For Allison Frideres ’17, it all started when she dropped a class. When she arrived at Simpson College from Algona, she was considering pursuing criminal justice. But after the first week, she could see it wasn’t for her and enrolled in calculus instead.

The professor, Heidi Berger, encouraged Allison to pick up a math major, and she declared by the end of the semester.

“All of my professors influenced me in some way, but Heidi easily was my most influential professor,” she said. “She encouraged me to take advantage of all the opportunities that were available to me, including many that I may not have done otherwise.”

One of those opportunities was participating in the math modeling competition for three years. Another was serving as a mentor for the Carver Bridge program, which she says contributed to her success in applying to graduate school.

Allison applied to six schools and was accepted to all of them, with five offers coming with funding. So it was up to her to decide which was the best, and she chose the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. There she will be part of their mathematics PhD program.

“I chose Lincoln because they are well known for supporting their students, something that has helped me tremendously at Simpson,” Allison said.

Finding your place in a classroom is one thing, but finding your place on campus is another. Luckily, it wasn’t hard for Allison to find hers.

I joined Fandom Club, then Comic Book Club, my first year and later served as President my junior year. There, I met a number of good friends, including two of my roommates,” she said.

Success stories like this aren’t uncommon at Simpson College. No matter who you are or what your passion is, there’s a place for you.

“I loved my time at Simpson,” Allison said. “Wherever you end up, make an effort to get to know your professors – they’re pretty great people.”

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