Andy Seydel ’02- Tax Manager at Ernst & Young

You know what they say, ‘Come for the athletics, stay for the degree.’

So maybe they don’t say that exactly, but Andy Seydel may beg to differ.

Andy Seydel, a 2002 graduate, came to Simpson because he wanted to be able to play in multiple sports. He took advantage of this by participating in wrestling and baseball, but it didn’t take long for him to discover everything else Simpson had to offer.

“I think going to Simpson,” Seydel said, “and having the opportunity to connect with the professors in the way that I did, opened a lot of doors for me in getting into the profession that I’ve chosen.”

It was this initial connection that allows Seydel to maintain contact with many of his professors to this day, and in fact, meetings with these professors was the exact reason he was on campus, this interview was just a bonus.

“It’s a great place to grow, and it’s that interaction with the professors at Simpson and a school that size that makes it unique.”

And grow he did.

Seydel found himself embracing the liberal arts atmosphere and taking a wide variety of courses on top of his regular load that still helps him today.

“I interact with clients on a daily basis, and so to be able to do more than talk accounting, or talk tax, or talk auditing, it goes a long way.”

Eventually the excitement of playing sports faded for Seydel, but he found himself still proudly carrying his degree — something worth sticking around for.


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