Ken ’89 and Allison ’14 Barloon- Father & Daughter Success

Like father, like daughter.

Ken Barloon ’89 and his daughter, Allison ’14, took different routes to get there, but both arrived in the same place – finding success at Simpson.

Ken had been working a few years in accounting services at Communications Data Services (now CDS Global) in Des Moines and decided it was time to accept a new challenge.

So he decided to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting through what now is called Simpson’s Continuing & Graduate Programs.

And it certainly paid off. Shortly before graduating in 1989, Ken was made vice president and chief financial officer in charge of all finances of the company.

“It was at the end of a journey.” Ken said, “It meant a lot to me, and I achieved the goal.”

Fast forward 21 years and Ken proudly watched as daughter Allison followed in his footsteps, although her journey followed a more traditional route.

Allison became an undergraduate student on Simpson’s main campus in Indianola. Four years later, she earned her degree in Arts and Athletic Training.

“If you’re really serious about making a change in the world, I would go to Simpson because there are plenty of professors and other people here looking to do the exact same thing,” Allison said. “They can really make a difference, and they can change your life like they changed mine.”

Building on her Simpson success, Allison will continue her education by attending graduate school at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, where she will be seeking a master’s degree in sports and exercise behavior.

As for Ken, after 33 years with CDS Global, he retired in September of 2012. He still continues to do consultancy work for various accounting industries as needed.

For the Barloons, Simpson was more than an experience; it was a successful family enterprise. They prove that Simpson offers more than one road to success.

Like father, like daughter.


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