Bob Lane ’81- Making the Most of the Simpson Experience

As I reflect upon my relationship with Simpson and those whom I have come to know as a result of my Simpson Experience, I have realized it is a relationship that has grown over the years and has a multitude of layers. Whether as a student in the late 1970s or most recently as a vice president for the college, my Simpson Experience continues to mold and shape my life, much like it has done for many Simpson alumni.

I arrived at Simpson in the fall of 1977 knowing only a handful of people, most of whom I had met during my campus visit my senior year of high school. Little did I know then that many of these people would continue to be my friends, family and colleagues throughout the rest of my life. In fact, like more than 2,700 alumni, I met my spouse beneath the whispering maples.

My Simpson Experience took on new meaning when I returned to campus six months following my graduation to work as an admissions counselor and as a coach. I was given the rare opportunity to give back to the college and provide other prospective students with the same opportunities I had as an undergraduate. The impact this would have on me was far greater than the impact my work would have on Simpson.

I moved from admissions into the Office of College Advancement and, once again, I was given a unique opportunity to repay my alma mater for the education, friendships and opportunities it had provided me. I had a wonderful mentor in then-President Robert McBride and am grateful for the influence he had on my ever-evolving Simpson Experience.

It wasn’t until this point in my life I realized how much the future of Simpson meant to me as an alumnus and how the college’s reputation had significantly improved compared to when I arrived on campus as a freshman. As the layers of my relationship with Simpson deepened, so did my responsibility to give back.

Nearly four years ago, yet another layer of my Simpson Experience came to pass as my daughter chose Simpson. Now, as the parent of a recent graduate and a current student (my son), my appreciation for and pride in Simpson has taken on a whole new perspective.

Whether your own Simpson Experience is that of a single layer or multiple layers, please know the college has grown and prospered over the last several years due to the support of its alumni and friends. The future of Simpson will most assuredly be bright if we honor Simpson with our own layers of support.

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