Deb Oswald Tierney ’79- Admissions Counselor

It is difficult for me to believe it has been 30 years since I returned to Simpson to start my “new” Simpson Experience as an admissions counselor. Thousands of recruitment miles, phone calls and visits to high schools and college fairs have transpired since then. Each and every day I have the privilege of seeing how a Simpson education enriches the lives of so many. One of the intrinsic rewards of my job is to watch how the Simpson Experience unfolds for each student.

Over the years, names and faces have changed, more state-of-the-art buildings now grace the campus and technology has become a mainstay in the academic and social fabric of the institution. But the heart and soul of the Simpson Experience remains much the same and continues to have a lasting and powerful impact upon students. The very best aspects of the Simpson Experience have endured throughout the generations, and there is comfort in knowing many of the time-honored traditions continue. At the same time, there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of Simpson College than right now.

Today, students have opportunities and experiences that would have been hard to imagine years ago. Undergraduate research experiences, internships, study abroad courses, community service options and leadership programs provide unique opportunities for involvement in the classroom and beyond. These opportunities are as varied as the students who seek them and contribute to Simpson’s vibrant academic and student life environment.

The day new students arrive on campus in the fall and Commencement in the spring are two of my favorite events at the college. To be a part of the excitement when new students begin their Simpson Experience is energizing. It is a wonderful reminder that Simpson attracts outstanding students, each bringing their own talents and gifts to Simpson. I also enjoy Commencement and marvel at the impressive accomplishments students achieve during their years at Simpson. It is a time for reflection on what continues to make Simpson such a special place.

I keep this quote from Simpson alumnus Ira Hatfield ’27 by my desk because I believe it captures Simpson’s legacy and also what will endure for future Simpson students: “…at Simpson I got the vision that life could be astounding, filled with dreams and accomplishments.”

Here’s to the next 150 years and the dreams and accomplishments of future Simpson students!

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