Kelli Greiner ’17: Successful Networking, Successful Career

Accounting major Kelli Greiner was able to successfully utilize alumni connections and get an early start on finding internships. All of her hard work, in addition to her excellent reputation among the professors, gave her a competitive advantage in finding top-notch internships.

“My advisor helped me set up a job shadow with an alumni at Ernst & Young. I must have made an impression on them because the alumni I job shadowed emailed me and said if I send him my resume, he’ll submit it for me. I ended up interviewing with three different partners and they offered me an internship.”

Simpson’s accounting department has connections with a long list of businesses for students to choose from when it comes to finding internships. It’s no surprise that %100 of accounting majors graduating from Simpson College find full-time work.

“On the last day of my internship, I had a meeting with a partner and he offered me a job for after I graduate. So after March of my junior year, I had a full time job. I knew that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without that advisor and alumni, so I just feel very thankful.”

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