Success Stories

The more you learn about Simpson College, the more you will appreciate, and this is a great place to start. Meet some of the students, alumni, faculty and staff who have terrific stories to tell about how Simpson has influenced them and how they have influenced Simpson.

We are proud of these people, but we also know that we could present hundreds more. It’s another reason why Simpson = Success.

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Sara Warrick Swansen ’92

“In my eyes, kids are so resilient that it just takes one person to make a difference. If I can be that one person in their life, to give them that hope message, it’s worth it.” More…


Nick Ackerman ’01

“Simpson College taught me many things, but ‘surround yourself with good people, and good things will happen’ is one that I will never forget.” More…


Bob Lane ’81

“Whether as a student in the late 1970s or most recently as a vice president for the college, my Simpson Experience continues to mold and shape my life, much like it has done for many Simpson alumni.” More…


Leslie Midget Held ’86

Simpson is a school where getting involved was as easy as raising my hand. At graduation, I assumed my Simpson Experience was complete. Little did I know, it was just beginning. More…


Walter Lain ’81

The Simpson Experience represents people of different identities and backgrounds who all have contributed to making Simpson what it is. More…

Deb Oswald Tierney '79

Deb Oswald Tierney ’79

The very best aspects of the Simpson Experience have endured throughout the generations, and there is comfort in knowing many of the time-honored traditions continue. More…


Nicole Cleveringa ’08

A spring break mission trip to Mississippi during her junior year at Simpson inspired Cleveringa to give back to the community. More…

Alison Wolf Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Allison Wolf

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Allison Wolf is combating a common misconception about her field: the belief that philosophy has no application in today’s world. More…


Dr. Ron Warnet

More than four decades ago, Ron Warnet began teaching chemistry at Simpson College. Forty years later, there is still no place he would rather be. More…