Success Stories

The more you learn about Simpson College, the more you will appreciate, and this is a great place to start. Meet some of the students, alumni, faculty and staff who have terrific stories to tell about how Simpson has influenced them and how they have influenced Simpson.

We are proud of these people, but we also know that we could present hundreds more. It’s another reason why Simpson = Success.

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Walker Mask Success Story

Walker Mask ’17 – Finds His Success at His Time

“I was most surprised about the community of students and how easy it was to really get to know my professors. After learning about the expectations from the large Texas schools that all my high school colleagues went to, I was very shocked when I got here and it was all different.” More…

Susan Alt Success Story

Susan Alt ’17 – Studying Abroad Helps Find True Passions

“The feeling of community at Simpson most surprised me. I knew it was a close-knit campus, but seeing the student come together during both celebrations and tragedies was eye-opening. It really made me realize what a close-knit community Simpson is, and how the students support each other.” More…

Morgan Moline ’17 – Takes Simpson Experiences to Teach at Hartford

“After being on campus and taking classes, I realized that Simpson was not a typical college experience. It is an extraordinary one. Not only have I made strides academically, but I have also made huge strides toward becoming a better human being. I was not expecting Simpson to provide me with so many opportunities and life lessons. It is surprising at how much Simpson has changed me for the better.” More…

Maxine Lauzon Success Story

Maxine Lauzon ’17 – Succeeds Beyond Graduation and Securing a Job

“I don’t think I have a favorite memory per se. Rather, there were a bunch of small memories of conversations, laughing, and acting like an absolute dork with certain people that have made the whole experience great. When I look back, I don’t think I will necessarily remember all the things I did, but I will remember the talks I had with people that made an impact on how I viewed the world or how I viewed myself.” More…