Success Stories

The more you learn about Simpson College, the more you will appreciate, and this is a great place to start. Meet some of the students, alumni, faculty and staff who have terrific stories to tell about how Simpson has influenced them and how they have influenced Simpson.

We are proud of these people, but we also know that we could present hundreds more. It’s another reason why Simpson = Success.

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Andy Seydel ’02

“I think going to Simpson and having the opportunity to connect with the professors in the way that I did, did open a lot of doors for me in getting into the profession that I’ve chosen.” More…


Jon & Kati DePue ’13

Kati (Herr) DePue ‘13 and Jon DePue ’13 were just a couple small town kids separated by 60 miles until Simpson College led them to each other and changed their lives forever. More…

Kim Timmerman

Kim Moreland Timmerman ’98

Simpson prides itself on making the transfer process easy and helping students decide what career paths they want to take. Kim Moreland Timmerman ’98 is proof of both. More…

DrewRiebhoff-Success Story

Drew Riebhoff ’10

When Drew Riebhoff ’10 scored a prime opportunity this summer at The Des Moines Arts Festival, he knew what to do. He simply put his Simpson education to work. More…

Laura and Phil Collins

Parent Success Story: Phil Collins

“Simpson is a place that goes way beyond helping your child grow academically. They care about kids’ personal and academic development. It has that personal feel to it that you just don’t find everywhere, not even at other smaller schools.” More…