Success Stories

The more you learn about Simpson College, the more you will appreciate, and this is a great place to start. Meet some of the students, alumni, faculty and staff who have terrific stories to tell about how Simpson has influenced them and how they have influenced Simpson.

We are proud of these people, but we also know that we could present hundreds more. It’s another reason why Simpson = Success.

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Murphy Waggoner – Mathematics

It’s doubtful even Pythagoras himself could’ve imagined that one day his theorem, that’s been referred to as the most powerful equation used in construction, would be art that you could sleep under. More…


Rick Spellerberg – Mathematics

You might not think ostriches and higher education have much in common. But if that’s the case, you probably haven’t gotten to know Dr. Rick Spellerberg. More…


Nick Proctor – History

It’s Greenwich Village, New York City. The year is 1913. Gathered together is a collection of suffragists, labor activists and Greenwich Village bohemians. More…



Whether it’s continuing research projects or exploring the biology and natural history of various locations, Simpson Biology Professor Ryan Rehmeier has a passion for what he teaches, but biology is only one of them. More…


Allie Walker ’12

History and philosophy alum Allie Walker made the most of her time at Simpson as an undergraduate assistant for the Iowa History Center at Simpson College. More…

Kayla Hamilton works with Children in an after-school program called Whiz Kids

Kayla Hamilton ’11

Hamilton’s experiences at Simpson helped her realize that her calling was to help people and do something greater. More…


Sarah Morgan ’13

For Sarah Morgan, there is a seamless connection between studying at Simpson and engaging in community service. More…

Jim Hayes

Jim Hayes

For Hayes, director of Simpson’s Center for Vocation and Integrative Learning, it’s not so much about “doing” for others as it is “engaging” with others. More…


Carolyn Dallinger ’80

Often referred to as a “service guru,” Dallinger has consistently integrated service learning into her courses since she started teaching at Simpson seven years ago. More…