Rasim Dezic ’17 – Transfer Finds Success to His Career in IT

If college is meant to prepare you for your career, why wait to gain experience until you’ve graduated? At Simpson College, you don’t have to. With Des Moines minutes away, internship opportunities abound and countless students take advantage.

Urbandale’s Rasim Dezic ’17 knew he wanted to work with computers when he transferred to Simpson, and it didn’t take long for him start. Luckily Simpson offers the opportunity for students to work in the Information Technology Help Desk, an excellent way for Rasim to get his feet wet.

But being prepared after college isn’t the only thing Rasim was worried about. As a transfer student, he didn’t have the traditional freshman experience that most students have, but he still managed to find his place on campus.

“My favorite memory was meeting the brothers of Lambda Chi at the bonfire during welcome week,” he said. “I knew the moment I met Dakota Spurrier, this was where I belonged.”

Rasim didn’t end up at Simpson College by chance. Before deciding to attend, he spoke to several alumni who raved about their time at the institution. Now, as a graduate himself, Rasim gets what all the hype is about.

“There is no reason to start getting experience after you graduate when you can spend four years earning it,” he said. “I have been working in IT for a little while now which made me more credible than other fresh grads.”

Following graduation, Rasim started his career at AgVision in Ankeny as a hardware and network technician. Aside from his previous experience, he credits his social skills with helping him land the job. The key: being a presence on campus and being willing to talk to anyone and everyone.

“Make your name known so people are still talking about you after you graduate,” Rasim said.

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