Robin Whitford ’11- Fulbright Scholarship

Since the Fulbright Act was signed into law in 1946, thousands of students have had the opportunity to travel abroad to “promote international good will” by teaching or researching in the fields of education, culture and science.”

The Fulbright Program has given approximately 300,000 students, scholars, teachers, artists, and scientists the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns. Robin Whitford ’11 is the latest Simpson College graduate to earn a Fulbright Scholarship.

Earlier this month, Robin, an English major while at Simpson, traveled to Debrecen, Hungary to complete a nine month Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship at the University of Debrecen.

“I had always wanted to travel more, and when I studied abroad in London in the Fall of 2009, I got to see and experience so many things I had only read or learned about,” Whitford said. “I learned a lot about who I was and how I wanted to live my life, and it helped lead me to this great opportunity to teach abroad.”

Despite coming to Simpson without any intentions of becoming an English student, Robin quickly found her calling thanks to a little help from English Professor Nancy St. Clair.

“I really owe a lot to Professor St. Clair, she convinced me to become an English major,” Robin said. “She recognized a passion and talent in me I hadn’t fully realized. She also got me hooked up with my job as a writing tutor, which has given me many great learning experiences.”

The relationships that Robin formed at Simpson continue to stay with her even while she is abroad this year.

“Because of conversations I’ve had with friends going to bigger colleges and universities, I understood how lucky I was to have the relationships with my professors that I did and still do,” Robin said. “I felt so supported and challenged at the same time, all while able to build meaningful friendships.”

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