Ryan McIntosh- Success Through A Second Chance

The traditional narrative for young people goes like this: Graduate from high school, choose a college, get a degree, embark on a career.

But not everyone follows the same path. What if you weren’t ready for college? To put it bluntly, what if you simply needed more time to grow up?

Perspective is a wonderful thing, and Ryan McIntosh has earned it.

In 1998, two weeks after he turned 18, McIntosh began taking classes on the Simpson College campus in Indianola. He thought he was ready for a traditional campus experience.

“But I clearly was not,” he says. “I was unsuccessful at Simpson because I lacked the maturity, discipline and time-management skills necessary to be an accomplished student.”

He entered the field of property casualty insurance. He got married and began raising a family.

McIntosh felt it was time to go back to school. He began taking management classes through Simpson’s Continuing & Graduate Programs.

“Now, I have a family and professional goals that are important to me,” he says. “Personally, I want to be the best father and role model I can be. I do not want to explain to my children someday why I’m pushing them to complete their education when I had not.”

He had experienced success at work, but felt there was more to attain.

“I fear that not having a bachelor’s degree is going to limit my ability to continue to succeed,” he says.

It hasn’t been easy, but McIntosh says professional development programs, mentoring sessions and 10 years of work experience have produced in him the skills necessary to achieve academic excellence.

He graduated in December 2015.

Some Simpson success stories take longer than others, but that’s just fine. Simpson’s Continuing & Graduate Programs are designed to meet you where you are when you are ready. How about starting today? 

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