Sara Nielsen ’17 – Finds Success As a Programmer After Graduation

With endless ways to get involved at Simpson College, anyone can find a home away from home and a second family to support them on campus. For many of Simpson’s students, it’s found in the brotherhood or sisterhood of Greek life.

When Storm Lake’s Sara Nielsen joined Delta Delta Delta, she never looked back. And she’s never had any regrets about it since.

“Being in Tri Delta was probably one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Simpson because it will continue in my life forever,” she said. “Being surrounded by people who love and support me definitely brought up my confidence and self-esteem.”

Sara doesn’t consider herself to be your typical sorority girl, but something about Simpson’s Greek life was different.

“I had so much in common with them and couldn’t wait to join,” she said. “Besides just Tri Delta, Greek life as a whole are some of the most dedicated and caring people that I’ve met at Simpson.”

The support of her sisters was invaluable throughout Sara’s college experience, especially when she was discouraged while applying for jobs as graduation approached. But her disappointment was short-lived.

With the help of Bobbi Sullivan in career services, she jumped back into applying, using her internship experiences as leverage to land job offers from three different companies.

“Without Simpson I probably wouldn’t have gotten these internships because we have a great connection with the Des Moines area and people always seem to love to see Simpson graduates,” Sara said.

So after graduating with her degree in mathematics and computer science, Sara started working as a programmer at Farm Bureau Financial Services in West Des Moines.

“I love the Des Moines area and Iowa and don’t really ever see myself leaving,” she said.

Not only is Des Moines a lovable city, but it offers incredible opportunities. Good thing is just a hop, skip and jump away from campus. That’s why Sara chose Simpson and why she’ll always suggest it to others.

“Simpson has so many connections with all different kinds of companies in the Des Moines area,” she said. “No matter what they’re going into, chances are that there will be a great internship or work opportunity for them in the Des Moines area.”

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