Summer@Simpson: finish early, catch up, or get ahead!

Simpson offers a complete summer schedule for students and visiting guests. If you are a current student, continue your studies no matter where you are: home for the summer, traveling abroad, or completing an internship in another city. If you are visiting Simpson, take classes this summer and transfer them to your home institution.

Classes start June 23, 2014.

Face to Face Classes Online Classes
American Government Correctional Practices in the U.S.
Corporation Finance Foundations of Special Education
Cultural Anthropology Intro to Communication & Media Studies
Exceptional Learners Intro to Ethics
Gender, Race, Class & Media Intro to Plant Biology
History of Western Civilization II Japan: Kimonos & Blue Jeans
Intro to Accounting Systems Marketing
Intro to Health Care Systems in the U.S. Organization and Behavior
Intro to World Religions Physical Earth Science for Elementary Education
Japan: Kimonos & Blue Jeans Poetry Writing
Kinesiology Principles of Insurance
Public & Community Health Race and Ethnic Relations
Quantitative Reasoning  
Small Group Communications  
Social Context of Computing  
U.S. Literature I

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