We can tell you that no full-time, traditional student pays the full cost at Simpson College.

We can refer you to a series of national reports that show the cost of a college education is absolutely worth it.

We can demonstrate the value of a Simpson education and direct you to our ranking as one of the most affordable colleges in the Midwest.

But there’s so much more to Simpson College.

College should be more than simply obtaining a degree. It’s also about the journey, the process of personal growth that continues the rest of your life.

Simpson is the perfect place to begin that journey. We offer advantages and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

We call it Added Value.


StudyAbroad_AddedValueForty percent of Simpson College students study abroad.

What does that have to do with the value of a college education?

*The world gets smaller every day. Today’s graduates will benefit from a global perspective no matter what career path they choose.

*We believe the best way to fully understand a culture, a nation and a region is to study there. This is true no matter what your major.

*Many of our students have decided to change career paths after their study abroad experience. One now works with Mary’s Meals, helping serve meals to schoolchildren in Liberia. Another decided to become a pediatrician. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience.

We don’t just encourage our students to study abroad, we try our best to help them get there.

Through a generous bequest by the late Dr. Joseph W. Walt, Emeritus Professor of History, Simpson College is pleased to offer more than 40 scholarships annually to help cover costs of a Simpson College student’s study abroad experience.

These scholarships set Simpson apart.


At Simpson, there is one professor for every 13 students. Why does that matter? They are accessible, helpful and take an interest in you as an individual. Our professors become as invested in your success as you are.

Here’s an example of how Simpson professors helped a Simpson student secure a select internship with the Miami-Dade Police Department: http://simpson.edu/success-story/joe-tafta-accepted-for-prestigious-internship-with-miami-dade-police-department/

Or consider this, from student Maxine Lauzon: “Most colleges will say that you will be more than a number to a professor, but at Simpson, you are more than just your name as well. Teachers become invested in your future and will do whatever they can to help you (even when you don’t ask.) I have had some of my professors come up to me and ask if I was interested in an internship they had heard about, without any prompting on my part. It is great to know that not only do my professors know who I am, they also honestly try to help me.”


In addition to student government, there are 75 student clubs and organizations, giving our students many opportunities to take a leadership position. Consider the difference that can make for your future: http://simpson.edu/news-center/simpson-college-produces-leaders/


You will only find the following at Simpson College, each providing unique opportunities for our students:

*The Iowa History Center.
*The John C. Culver Public Policy Center.
*Emerge, Simpson’s Entrepreneurial Development Initiative.

*The McBride Lecture, Carver Legacy Lecture, Culver Lecture, all of which bring prominent speakers to campus.


Simpson students serve others. It’s not just want we do, it’s who we are. Our Religious Life Community provides many resources for worship and service.


Simpson prides itself at offering a 24/7 learning environment. Some of the most enduring lessons of your college education will come not in a classroom, but in a late-night dorm discussion with friends.

We also have fun, whether it’s cheering on a Storm sports team, laughing at a stand-up comic on campus or participating in the dozens of intramural sports offered.

But the greatest value we can offer you is the opportunity to earn a Simpson College degree.

It matters. Let us show you how by clicking on the button below: