Private vs Public

We know prospective students and their parents have many options when it comes to choosing a college.

Some students, we understand, prefer the setting of an enormous university, with 20,000-plus students. Others prefer the more intimate feel of a small college, where they can participate in a variety of campus activities.

For example, Simpson recently had a student who competed in a track meet in the morning, then sang the lead role in an opera that night. We doubt that would happen at a large institution.

It’s the difference between showing up for class on your first day to be taught by a teaching assistant and arriving on your first day at Simpson to be greeted by a professor who likely holds a doctorate degree in his or her field.

Here are some other facts to consider when determining the advantages of a small, private college like Simpson and a larger state institution:


The great majority of Simpson students graduate in four years.

Only 60 percent of students who attend regional public universities graduate in four years, according to NAICU.

That additional year or two it requires those students to graduate adds thousands of dollars to the cost of an education. In addition, an extra year of college means the loss of what could have been earned that year in a job.

One of the reasons Simpson students graduate on time is because of our 13-1 student-faculty ratio. Our professors work with a limited number of students; they have the time to assist them, mentor them and make certain they are on the right career path.

We have a word for that at Simpson: SUCCESS!


38 percent of students at public universities receive institutional grants, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

81 percent of students at private colleges receive institutional grants, says NAICU.

At Simpson, 100 percent of our students receive scholarships/grants.

Every single one.

And the grants awarded by private colleges are three times larger per student than those awarded by public universities.


78 percent of the graduates studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) at private colleges graduated within four years, compared to 40 percent at larger research universities, according to NAICU.


Thank you for your interest in Simpson College. We hope these pages have helped clear up some of the confusion regarding college costs. If you want more information, our team of admissions counselors and financial assistance experts are eager to help.

You can contact them here:

We can also arrange a tour of campus, or connect you with a professor in the field you are interested in studying.

The bottom line: You can afford a great Simpson College education. Don’t let anything stand in your way.  Our faculty, alumni, current students, staff and administration – in short, everyone – is ready to put you on the path to future success.