Why a Simpson Degree Matters

At Simpson College, success is sought in many different ways.

Some of our students will launch their careers after graduation.

Some will gain acceptance into graduate school so they can continue their studies.

Some will look for opportunities to serve others.

Everything we do at Simpson is designed to help students find their path in life.

Here’s how we do it:


Our students learn to think critically, solve problems creatively and work with others collaboratively.

That is no accident.

Based on research conducted by the American Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), Simpson’s curriculum equips students with the skills that employers and graduate schools are looking for in college graduates.

At Simpson, the courses students take delve deeper and focus on assignments that provide hands-on understanding of the subject matter. These courses allow students to work closely and build strong relationships with faculty members — just one of the hallmarks of a Simpson education.

Our curriculum encourages students to take advantage of Simpson’s community partnerships, hold internships, study abroad and conduct undergraduate research.

It applies.

It is relevant.

It is measurable.

The results have been impressive.

Ninety-five percent of our graduates are either employed or in graduate school following graduation.

Consider the case of Stephen Henrich. He arrived at Simpson hoping to someday become a doctor. Before he graduated, he had been accepted into seven graduate schools, including Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

He is currently studying at Northwestern University.


What about students who want to start a career?

We are in a perfect position to offer the benefits of a small college education, with all the advantages of a booming, nationally recognized metro area only a few miles away. Our students get internships and jobs in Des Moines and beyond because of Simpson’s reputation for excellence, and because of our strong network of alumni.

Consider the example of James Oplt, who graduated from Simpson in 1972. He’s the senior vice president – wealth management for UBS, the global financial firm. He has hired three Simpson alumni and another worker with Simpson ties.

“I think the liberal arts education plays well in our industry,” he says. “In our business you have to be individually motivated, and they are.”

Simpson offers the best of both worlds – a safe, nurturing environment in which to pursue academic excellence, with all the business, cultural and entertainment advantages of a metro area just minutes away.


It will provide a head start into YOUR future. Our innovative curriculum and internship program will put YOU ahead of other college graduates.

That’s success, Simpson-style!

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