High School Theatre Festival – Workshop Options

(subject to change due to personnel, space, or interest)

Potential 2015 Student Workshops (open to students only)

A. Relax! Physical warm up for the actor: Warm-up, relaxation, and concentration techniques for the actor.

B. Spit it out! Vocal warm up for the actor: Breathing, articulation and resonance exercises for the actor.

C. Stage dialects: The basics of developing a standard British dialect.

D. Stage Combat: Learn the basics of a great stage fight.

E. Improvisation: Elements of individual and group improvisation to free the actor’s imagination.

F. Musical Theatre Techniques: Applying acting techniques to a song/musical theatre.

G. Stage Makeup: A hands-on workshop in which each participant will have the opportunity to apply one or more makeup techniques, such as aging, scars, face-paint, etc.

H. Costumes for the stage: An interactive workshop for developing creative stage fashion.

I. Lighting Techniques: A hands-on workshop in which the participant will experiment with various aspects of lighting, such as control, color, and illumination.

J. Dance Audition Techniques:  Do you advertise yourself as an ‘actor who moves well’?  Oh, come on, we all know what that really means:  You can’t dance.  Or can you?  This workshop will take you through what a dance audition would be like.  We will learn a combination at a quick pace and perform it for the class.  All skill levels welcome.  You must be ready to move and have a willingness to learn.  Good attitudes a must!

K. Reader’s Theatre: Exploration of group performance techniques for literature.

L. Admissions: Juniors and Seniors interested in exploring prospective enrollment at Simpson may meet with an Admissions representative.

Workshops “M” and “N” are open only to Teachers

M. Technical theatre and design for High Schools- a roundtable discussion: Meet with fellow High School drama teachers for discussion, information exchange, and technical advice, in a casual and fun atmosphere. Moderated by Steve McLean, Theatre Simpson Technical Director.

N. High School Drama Teacher’s “Town Meeting”: This workshop is designed to give you a chance to meet other like-minded educators and discuss in an open forum some of the every-day challenges/joys/concerns you face as a teacher of theatre at your school.  Admissions counselors will also be on hand to discuss opportunities for your students at Simpson College.

Festival registration begins February 23,2015.