High School Theatre Festival – Workshop Options

2016 Student Workshops (open to students only)

  1. Relax and Spit it out!  Physical and vocal warm ups for the actor: Warm-up, relaxation, breathing, and articulation exercises for the actor.
  2. Stage Dialects: The basics of developing a standard British dialect.
  3. Stage Combat: Learn the basics of a great stage fight.
  4. Improvisation: Elements of individual and group improvisation to free the actor’s imagination.
  5. Musical Theatre Techniques: Applying acting techniques to a song/musical theatre.
  6. Stage Makeup: A hands-on workshop in which each participant will have the opportunity to apply one or more makeup techniques, such as aging, scars, face-paint, etc.
  7. Costumes for the Stage: An interactive workshop for developing creative stage fashion.
  8. Lighting Techniques: A hands-on workshop in which the participant will experiment with various aspects of lighting, such as control, color, and illumination.
  9. Playwriting: Students will participate and discuss in beginning playwriting exercises.
  10. Dramaturgy: Interested in history and research? Wonder what a dramaturg is? This workshop will explore elements of dramaturgy and research. Participants will dissect a plays meaning and context, then look deeper into the meaning of the world of the play.
  11. Theatre Simpson Scholarship auditions (SENIORS ONLY) For students who are thinking about attending college next year and are interested in auditioning for a  Theatre Scholarship for Simpson College. Students will audition individually.


Workshops “L” and “M” are open only to Teachers

   L.   Production Dramaturgy:  The work of a dramaturg includes writing and researching about plays, their authors, and contexts.  This workshop will introduce you to some dramaturgical activities for the English or theatre classroom.

   M. High School Teacher Meet and Greet: A chance for you to meet other like-minded educators and discuss some of the every-day challenges/joys/concerns you face as a teacher of English/ Theatre at your school.

Festival registration begins October 17, 2016.