Information For Theatre Students


Theatre Arts
Department Mission Statement 

The department views theatre as an avenue within a liberal arts education for personal discovery, self-discipline, creative expression and artistic excellence.  Based on these principles, Theatre Simpson is a dynamic community that embraces the mission of the college and encourages students to participate in a wide range of experiences.

Departmental courses and projects provide students with cultural and artistic experiences and develop their abilities to observe, reflect, think critically and express themselves.  Theatre students have the opportunity to apply these skills to coursework, departmental productions and experiences off-campus and are encouraged to take responsibility for their education and to develop their leadership skills.

In an atmosphere of cooperation and respect for the individual, students are challenged to achieve academic, aesthetic, and production standards of quality.  Through innovative processes that embrace the notion of collaboration, the department encourages students to aspire to excellence.

These various sites provide information for the current students involved in the Simpson College Theatre Department.

Virtual Callboard – This page is intended to keep Theatre Simpson company members informed about current events in the department. Go here to find a list of events that are coming up within the next few weeks.

Theatre Simpson Calendar 2014/15 – To stay up to date with all of the events happening in the theatre throughout the semester check out this calendar!

Theatre Simpson Student Handbook – Follow this link to find the online version of our Theatre Simpson Student Handbook. These policies and procedures are designed to help us work together as a team and also to have fun in the process.

Theatre Simpson Auditions: Fall 2014 – Students-majors and non-majors-are encouraged to audition! This link will provide you with all the information that you need to know to be ready to audition with us.

BPAC Room Reservations – If you need to reserve a room in the theatre for a class, event or rehearsal go to this link to find our Room Reservation system.

Design and Technology Information – Design and technology is an integral part of theatre, all students are encouraged to participate in this aspect of theatre at Simpson. Check out this link to find more information about the specific design opportunities that are available to you here at Theatre Simpson!

  • Stage Management – Follow this link to find the online version of the Stage Manager’s Handbook. This is filled with helpful information for student stage managers as well as having our policies and duty lists.
  • Design Positions – Students have the opportunity to design or assistant design for the productions we put on here. Applications for design positions are accepted during the spring for the following academic year. Click on this link to find out what design positions are available!
  • Backstage Crew – Students also have the opportunity to work backstage. Click on this link to find out what backstage crew positions are available!
  • Audience Services – Click on this link for more information on the audience services opportunities we have available.